Are you dealing with persistent pain that affects your daily life? If you suspect spinal stenosis might be the cause, our team of experts is here to help. With a range of treatment options available, from non-invasive therapies to minimally invasive procedures, our experienced specialists can alleviate your symptoms of spinal stenosis in Hackettstown and improve your quality of life.

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

The condition known as spinal stenosis causes the spinal canal to narrow and press on the nerves. The spinal cord and nerve roots are located in the spinal canal. Due to this condition, pain may be felt in the lower back, legs, neck, shoulders, or arms, depending on where the constriction is.

Age-related degenerative changes in the spine, such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs, or bone spurs, often result in the disorder. Spinal stenosis may cause balance and movement issues as well as pain, numbness, tingling, and weakening in the afflicted region. That said, Dr. Ben Salari offers various treatment options to our patients for full relief from this condition.

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Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Symptoms might include:

  • Leg and back discomfort
  • Difficulty walking
  • Leg numbness
  • Prickling sensation
  • Hot sensation
  • Weakness
  • Heavy, worn-out sensation in the legs
  • Clumsiness or falling
  • Discomfort bending over
  • Among others…

What Is the Diagnosis Process for Spinal Stenosis?

Our medical experts utilize various techniques to diagnose spinal stenosis in Hackettstown, NJ patients, such as:

Medical Background: Your medical background, symptoms, their severity, and any prior medications or treatment you’ve undertaken will be discussed with you by your doctor.

Body Inspections: Your range of motion, sense of balance, posture, and discomfort will all be thoroughly checked. The doctor will also check for muscular weakness, loss of feeling, or loss of reflexes in the extremities during this examination.

Diagnosis Test: Herniated discs and osteophytes may be found with MRIs and CT scans, which provide three-dimensional images of the lumbar spine. The spinal canal’s intricate characteristics may best be seen with MRI and may be required by our medical experts.

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Treatment of Disc Herniation

We offer various treatment options such as non-invasive techniques as well as surgical options for our patients struggling with spinal stenosis in Hackettstown. Some of the treatments include:

Non-Invasive Options

Physical Therapy: A physical therapist may help you design a strength, flexibility, and balance training regimen. This reduces pain and improves everyday function.

Medication: Ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen may alleviate pain and inflammation. Muscle relaxants and nerve pain medicines may also be administered.

Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic treatments enhance spinal alignment, decrease inflammation, and increase mobility.

Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese method uses small needles to treat pain and promote healing in a more non-invasive manner.

Surgical Options

Decompression Surgery: In this kind of procedure, the vertebral body or disc that is compressing the spinal cord or nerves is removed.

Spinal Fusion: When spinal instability is apparent, surgery for spinal fusion may be advised. In order to generate a single, stable vertebra, two or more vertebrae must be fused together.

Artificial Disc Replacement: In this procedure, the damaged disc is removed, and it is replaced with an artificial one. This may lessen pain and other symptoms while preserving spinal mobility.

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We are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support throughout your treatment process since we are aware of the negative effects spinal stenosis may have on day-to-day functioning. Make an appointment with our experts and find out more about spinal stenosis in Hackettstown, NJ.

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