Spine surgeries should ideally provide lifelong relief from the symptoms of the targeted problem. Unfortunately, rare patients may experience subsequent complications after the surgery, and a revision procedure might be necessary to resolve the initial problem or new issues. Dr. Behnam Salari is one of the leading specialists for revision spine surgery in Morristown. He curates personalized treatment plans to reverse the complications caused by previous surgical errors while addressing the initial problems.

What is Revision Spine Surgery?

Revision spine surgery refers to spine surgeries performed to address complications arising due to failed primary surgeries. You may need revision spine surgery to address improper healing or infection at the surgical site, improper placement of surgical implants, repeated disc herniation after a discectomy, implant failures, persistent pain and discomfort after surgery, spine fusion failures, and other problems. Dr. Salari will carefully investigate why your primary surgery failed and curate the appropriate revision spine surgery plan.

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Signs You May Need Revision Spine Surgery:

  • Chronic back or neck pain
  • Numbness or loss of sensation in specific body parts
  • Shooting pain on your back, legs, shoulders, arms, or neck
  • Improper healing or signs of infection on the surgical site
  • Chronic back and neck pain accompanied by fever
  • Recurrence of pain and discomfort shortly after the procedure

Potential Reasons for Revision Spine Surgery

Recurrent Disc Herniation

Disc herniation is a condition wherein an intervertebral disc ruptures, and the inner nucleus leaks outwards. At times a disc can re-rupture causing a new herniation after surgery.

Failed Disc Replacement

After artificial disc replacement, some patients experience disc failure, malfunctioning, or dislocation. If that happens, you may need revision surgery to replace the implant.

Implant Failure

If the artificial implant inserted during your original procedure breaks or isn’t placed properly, you may experience chronic back pain. In that case, the surgeon may have to remove and replace the damaged or failed implant.

Adjacent Segment Disease

When the spinal joints adjacent to the location of the spine surgery change, you may experience new symptoms related to spinal cord compression. In this case, a revision spine surgery in Morristown might be necessary to reduce pressure on the spinal nerves.


Pseudarthrosis is the result of failed attempted spinal fusion. Revision spine surgery might be necessary if conservative treatments don’t work. Symptoms include back pain and radicular pain.

Your Revision Spine Surgery Assessment

Dr. Ben Salari is one of the most respected and reputable revision spine surgery providers in New Jersey. During your consultation, he will discuss your symptoms, review your medical history and the details of your previous surgery, and investigate the reasons for the failure of your primary procedure. He will also ask about your symptoms, including when the symptoms began, and administer numerous imaging tests.

Dr. Salari administers CT scans, MRI scans, and X-rays to visualize the bone tissues and soft tissues responsible for your symptoms. This will allow him to identify the problem areas and determine the reasons why your primary procedure may have failed. After concluding his investigation, Dr. Salari will curate a personalized treatment plan to arrive at the appropriate results. He will inform you about every step of your treatment, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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Contact Dr. Salari for Revision Spine Surgery

Dr. Behnam Salari is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a nearly perfect track record, thanks to his personalized and comprehensive treatment process. He often receives patients suffering from complications because of failed primary procedures. When that happens, he runs thorough evaluations and curates personalized treatment plans using minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as endoscopic discectomy. Dr. Salari brings your surgery to a successful conclusion.

For more information about revision spine surgery in Morristown, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Salari at our state-of-the-art offices in Morristown, Hackettstown, Sparta, or Randolph in New Jersey.

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