If you’re suffering from a spinal condition because of workplace injury, you need a reliable spine surgeon specializing in workers’ compensation spine surgeries. Spinal injuries need to be addressed promptly without delays, and inexperienced surgeons might not be able to help you avoid bureaucratic delays in obtaining imaging studies and test results for a diagnosis. Dr. Ben Salari has years of experience in treating patients with workers’ compensation for spinal injuries, so he can quickly cut through red tape to ensure you receive timely care.

What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance pays for your medical bills for doctor visits, emergency treatments, prescription medications, diagnostic tests, treatments, and surgeries when you’re injured at your workplace. When you qualify for workers’ compensation insurance, the insurance provider pays your medical bills and costs. However, the physician and surgeon work for the patients, i.e., for you, not the insurance company, so the treatments are no different from those under traditional insurance.

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Steps to Take When You’re Hurt at Work:

  • Documentation: When you’re hurt or injured at work, you must inform your employer immediately, without delay. The injury or event should be properly documented.
  • Emergency Treatment: If your workplace injury necessitates immediate attention, you need to consult a physician or emergency room for an emergency diagnosis and treatment.
  • Specialist Consultation: After your emergency treatment, please contact a specialist related to your specific injury, such as an orthopedic surgeon for spinal injuries.

Experienced with Workers' Compensation

Dr. Ben Salari is the leading orthopedic surgeon at The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey. He is a board-certified spine surgeon with decades of experience in treating patients with workers’ compensation for spinal injuries. We have a strong relationship with all major insurance providers, so we can help you avoid bureaucratic delays and access prompt diagnosis and treatment. We will document your situation correctly, get approvals for your insurance, and navigate through the complexities of your workers’ compensation.

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Why Contact Dr. Salari for Workers' Compensation?

The type of insurance shouldn’t affect your diagnosis, treatment plan, or prognosis. Your physician should never design the treatment plan based on your insurance. Unfortunately, inexperienced physicians don’t have the expertise necessary to ensure speedy approvals for your insurance, which can delay the diagnosis and treatment process, negatively affecting your spinal health. Dr. Salari helps with prompt diagnosis and spinal treatments, and he curates personalized treatment plans that focus on non-operative care, only resorting to surgery when necessary.

If you have more questions about your workers’ compensation insurance, please schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art offices in Morristown, Hackettstown, Sparta, and Randolph in New Jersey.

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